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Attention CPAs

PC Easy is now an authorized source of CPE credits!

PC Easy has recently been approved by Pennsylvanias State Board of Accountancy to be a provider of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are required to complete 80 credit hours of Continuing Professional Education every two years in order to remain licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

PC Easy can now provide you with four credit hours per class under the subject areas of professional skills development and specialized knowledge and applications. Some of our classes include: Microsoft Access, Act!, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, QuickBooks and Microsoft Word, just to name a few!

Click here to view a complete list of classes offered at PC Easy,
or call us at (717) 560-3552 for more information.


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Telephone: (717) 560-3552

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PC Easy South Central Pennsylvania provides Instructor-led Computer Training and Consulting Services to immediately improve student or client productivity, performance, and comfort using Personal Computer software such as Microsoft Office, Access, ACT!, Excel, InDesign, Outlook, Power Point, Project, Publisher, QuickBooks, Visio, Word, Word Perfect and many other software programs to help you improve your computer skills.