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ABC's of  Personal Computing ABC's of Personal Computing is for the new computer user who has little or no experience with a personal computer. This is a "smorgasbord" class that will introduce you to the terminology that is so overwhelming with a computer. You will work in the Windows environment and create a document using a Word Processor. You will also create a small spreadsheet in Excel. Using Outlook you will send, receive, and reply to an e-mail. This class will take away your fears of the computer world.
Access Database

Access is a powerful database program that will assist you in collecting, extracting, and reporting data. Learn how to set up a database, create forms to make data entry easier, create queries to pull out required information, and set up reports to present that information to other people. There are four (4) levels of training available in Access.
ACT! Contact Manager

ACT! is an integrated contact management software package that permits you to keep track of people, schedule meetings, keep track of "to do" items, schedule calls, write letters, send faxes, create form letters, and print reports.
Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is an integrated software package that can be used to create spreadsheets, simple databases, and charts. Spreadsheets can be used for budgeting or profit and loss statements. The database side of the package can be used to keep track of lists of information that you need to rearrange and look at in different ways. The charting functionality of the program will permit you to create a graphical representation of your data. There are four (4) levels of training available in Excel.
File Management In our File Management class you will learn how to copy files, move files, delete files, rename files, organize your work, find lost files, and run system utilities that come with Windows. This class is a must for all computer users so that they can get the most use from their computer operating system.
InDesign Desktop Publishing

InDesign, by Adobe, is a desktop publishing program that allows you to design catalogs, flyers, brochures, newsletters, and more. This powerful package is the preferred package that many print houses recommend if they will ultimately be printing your publication. There are two (2) levels of training available in InDesign.
Internet Learn all about using the Internet and e-mail. We'll also cover topics such as search engines, downloading files, instant messenger, and safety do's and don'ts.
Keyboarding Do you know what each of the keys on the keyboard are and whey they do? Could you operate your computer if your mouse did not work? Our Keyboarding class can unleash the power of your computer with keyboard shortcuts to make you quicker than you are with the mouse. This course is also helpful if you use a laptop computer. A self-paced typing tutor will be given to you so that you can increase your typing speed.
Outlook E-Mail & Calendar

Outlook, by Microsoft, is a powerful Desktop Information Manager. The Outlook Basics class will teach you how to use the electronic mail program that is built into this powerful package. Learn how to create an e-mail message, send attachments, send the message, reply to it, forward it, create folders, move and copy messages to the folders, and create a personal distribution list for group mailings. Also learn how to use the calendar feature in the program along with the power of the group scheduling module. You will also be introduced to the To Do List, Notes Feature, and the Contact module. The Outlook Intermediate level will show you how to use many of the powerful portions of the program such as the Rules feature, sharing calendars, permissions, and delegates to name a few.
PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint, by Microsoft, permits you to create a presentation even if you have no creative expertise. Presentations may contain text, drawings, charts, and graphic images. Display your presentation on a computer screen, printed on paper or overhead transparencies, or 35-millimeter slides.
Project Project Planner

Project, by Microsoft, is a powerful project management software package used for planning projects, staying on top of project status, charting information, and presenting information to others. There are two (2) levels of training available in Project.
Publisher Desktop Publishing

Use Publisher, by Microsoft, for all your desktop publishing needs. Learn how to create a business card, newsletter, and use a wizard to create a calendar. After you learn how to do those exercises in class you will have all of the skills necessary to create any of the multitude of other types of projects available to you in this fun, yet powerful, program.
QuickBooks Small Business Accounting

QuickBooks is an accounting software package that provides most of the key features needed to manage a small business even if you have very little accounting experience.
Visio Flowcharts & Organizational Charts

Visio is a drawing package allowing you to create flow charts, organizational charts, room designs, and more. Learn how to use all of the tools that are available to you in this fun, yet powerful, package. After completing the four different exercises in this class, you will have all of the skills required to create any of the other projects that the program permits you to create.
Windows Basics Learn how to use the Windows operating system that you will need to understand in order to better use any of the software that is loaded on your computer. You will learn how to use the mouse and understand the many terms that are invaluable as you begin to use Windows. You will learn how to open, move, resize, minimize, maximize, and close programs that run in windows. You will learn how to arrange more than one program on your screen and move between programs. You will understand the Help Feature of the program and be introduced to the Control Panel. You will learn the powerful feature of Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste which will assist you in all of Windows. You will also learn the difference between Save and Save As. This course will make all of your other courses easier to understand.
Windows Changes Were you a Windows user in the past but recently upgraded to the new version? Learn all about the changes between the old versions and new.
Word Word Processing

Word, by Microsoft, is a word processing software package that allows you to put text into a document, move it around in a variety of ways, and then print it out without ever having to reach for a pencil and paper. In our Word Basics class, learn how the best way to open, save, use save as, print, use print preview, spell check and close a document. Learn efficient ways to move around your document and quickly select text. Learn how to copy text, move text, set margins, and set tabs. Learn how to create an Auto Text entry and add a quick graphic. You can take up to five (5) Word classes at higher levels including Word Desktop Publishing.
WordPerfect Word Processing

WordPerfect, by Corel, is a word processing software package. Learn the "ins and outs" of word processing to maximize your potential in the business world. In our word Perfect Basics class, learn the best way to open, save, use save as, print, spell check, and close a document. learn efficient ways to move around your document and quickly select text. Learn how to copy text, move text, set margins, and set tabs. Learn how to indent text and add a quick graphic. You can take up to five (5) Word Perfect classes at higher levels including Word Perfect Desktop Publishing if you request that class.
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