Course Outline
Access - Advanced
Versions 97/2000/2002(XP)/2003/2007/2010/2013

P.O. Box 225                 
East Petersburg, PA 17520-0225


Program Objectives: This course will show the student how to develop an application and tie objects together using a Switchboard, Queries, Reports, Formatting Controls, Macros, and logical functions.

  • Creating a Custom Switchboard
  • Creating the Main Menu Form
  • Linking Buttons to Other Objects
  • Making Menu Show When Starting
  • Maximizing a Form When it is Opened
  • Displaying a Start Up Message
  • Importing Data From Excel
  • Linking Data Into Access
  • Differences Between Imported and Linked Tables
  • Making Backup Copies of Tables
  • Types of Queries
    • Crosstab Queries
    • Action Queries
    • Parameter Query with Wildcards
  • Capturing Historical Data
  • Creating an Archive Table
  • Running a Query With a Macro
  • Assigning the Macro to the Field
  • Query Wizards
    • Find Duplicate Query
    • Find Unmatched Query
  • Report Containing Multiple Queries
  • Using Access Data in Word


  • Macros
    • Macros With Conditions
    • Creating a Sales Tax Macro
    • Notes on Conditional Macros
    • Assigning the Conditional Macro
  • Referencing Parameters in Reports
  • Formatting Controls
    • To Fit Property
    • To Remove Printing Lines
    • Size Property
    • Align Property
  • Sorting and Grouping in a Report
  • Creating a New Page for Each Section
  • Changing Control Types
  • Assigning a Row Source to a Control
  • Eliminating Duplicates in a List
  • Updating the SQL Statement
  • Propagating Controls - Auto Expand
  • Can Grow and Can Shrink Properties
  • Logical Function in Access - IIF
  • Changing the Starting Value of AutoNumber
  • Networking Issues
  • Security Issues

Course Prerequisite
Must have Access - Intermediate Part II or equivalent experience
(4 CPE Credits)

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