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Access - Queries
Two Hour "Byte Size" Course
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Program Objectives:  Students will learn a variety of ways to create Queries in Microsoft Access.

  • Compacting the Database

  • Querying the Database

  • Modifying a Query

  • Saving a Modified Query

  • Creating a Query from a Filtered Table

  • Differences Between a Filter and a Query

  • Creating a Query from Scratch

  • Wildcard Queries

  • Changing the Order of Fields in a Query

  • Comparison Operators

    • "And"

    • "Or"

    • "Between"

  • Saving a Query

  • Wildcard Query on a Date Field

  • Zoom View

  • Finding Blank Records

  • Finding Non-Blank Records

  • Changing Data Affecting a Query

  • Opening a Query in Design View

  • Removing Fields from a Query

  • Calculating with Queries








  • Renaming an Expression Field

  • Changing Properties of a Field

  • Querying Multiple Tables

  • Joining Two Fields (Concatenation)

  • Adding to a Query

  • Creating Join Lines in a Query

  • Totals in Query

  • Parameter Query

    • With Multiple Criteria

    • With Wildcards

  • Making Backup Copies of Tables

  • Crosstab Query

  • Changing the Order of a Crosstab Query

  • Action Queries

    • Make-Table Query

    • Delete Query

    • Update Query

    • Append Query

  • Query Wizards

    • Find Duplicates Query Wizard

    • Find Unmatched Query Wizard


Course Prerequisite
Must have a general knowledge of Access at a Basic Level
(2 CPE Credits)

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