Course Outline
Charting In PowerPoint and Excel
Two Hour "Byte Size" Course
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Program Objectives:   Students will learn various Charting Features utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel and will learn how to share charts between the two programs. 

  • Charting in Excel

  • Setting Up the Data

  • Quick Way to Type the Months

  • Category 'X' Axis

  • Value 'Y' Axis

  • Charting Restrictions

  • Chart Types in Excel and PowerPoint

    • Area/Bar

    • Column/Line

    • Pie/XY Scatter

    • Doughnut/3-D Surface

    • Radar

    • Combination/Bubble

    • Stock/Cylinder

    • Cone/Pyramid

    • Special Types of Charts

  • Creating the Default Column Chart

  • Using the Chart Wizard Icon

  • Charting Series in Columns

  • Charting Series in Rows

  • Changing the Location of the Legend

  • Charting Toolbar

  • Moving/Resizing the Chart

  • Chart Wizard Steps

  • Enhancing the Chart

  • Changing the Chart Type

  • Changing the Chart Colors

  • Adding Fill Effects to the Chart

  • Walls to Transparent

  • Changing the Appearance of the Legend

  • Changing the Chart Title

  • Moving/Resizing the Legend and Title

  • Changing Text Alignment and Font Size

  • Format, Insert, and Chart Menus

  • Previewing/Printing the Excel Chart

  • Removing A Chart

  • Additional Charting Features

  • Charting Non-contiguous Data

  • Data Labels on a Pie Chart

  • Placing a Picture Behind the Chart Data

  • Charting in PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint Datasheet

  • Permanently Remove a Data Series

  • Temporarily Remove a Data Series

  • Changing Chart Type

  • Importing Excel Data into PowerPoint

  • Formatting Data by Rows

  • Formatting Data by Columns

  • Copying an Excel Chart into PowerPoint

  • Linking an Excel Chart to PowerPoint

  • Updating a Linked Chart in PowerPoint

  • Enhancing the Chart in PowerPoint

  • Formatting the Axis Labels

  • Changing Axis Rotation

  • Duplicating a PowerPoint Slide

  • Duplicating a PowerPoint Chart

  • Adding a Data Table to a Chart


Course Prerequisite
Must have a general knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint at a Basic Level

(2) CPE Credits

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