Course Outline
Byte Size - Mail Merge Using Word, Excel, Access, and  Outlook Data
Two Hour "Byte Size" Course
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Program Objectives: Students will learn how to create a Mail Merge document in Microsoft Word using Word Data, Excel Data, Access Data, and Outlook Data.

  • Mail Merge in Word

  • Preparing the Main Document

  • Creating a Data Source

  • Attaching a Data Source

  • Inserting the Date into the Form Letter

  • Inserting Merge Fields

  • Checking Out the Mail Merge

  • Performing The Mail Merge

  • Printing the Mail Merge

  • Creating Labels for Mail Merge




  • Creating Envelopes for Mail Merge

  • Editing Labels/Envelopes Before Mailing

  • Using Excel Data as a Data Source

  • Setting Up Excel Range Names

  • Mapping Fields from Excel to Word

  • Using Access Data as a Data Source

  • Mapping Fields from Access to Word

  • Using Outlook as a Data Source

  • Choosing the Correct Contact Folder




Course Prerequisite

Must have a general knowledge of Word and be Windows Competent

(2) CPE Credits

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