Course Outline
Windows - File Management

For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7

P.O. Box 225                 
East Petersburg, PA 17520-0225


Program Objectives: Students will learn the tools and concepts necessary to manage files including saving to removable media, creating directories and folders, viewing file properties, copying and renaming files, finding files, and system file utilities.

  • Purpose of Windows
  • The Windows Desktop
  • Using the Mouse
  • Making a Backup Copy of Removable Media
  • Types of Removable Media
  • Formatting Diskettes
  • Using My Computer
  • Displaying the Status Bar
  • Displaying/Customizing the Toolbar (s)
  • Refreshing a Directory Display
  • Viewing File Information
  • Sorting Files
  • Changing the Column Widths
  • Turning My Computer Into Explorer
  • Explorer
  • Directory Tree
  • Viewing File Type Icons
  • Viewing Hidden Files
  • Viewing File Extensions and Path
  • Opens With Option
  • Creating Folders
  • Copying Files
  • Moving Files
  • Write-Protecting Removable Media
  • Bootable System Disk
  • Renaming Files
  • Deleting Files
  • Different Ways to Run Directories
  • Finding a Missing File
  • File Properties
  • System Utilities
    • Error Checking (Scan Disk)
    • Backup
    • Defrag
  • Print Screen Button
  • Creating Shortcuts
  • Customizing the Quick Launch Bar
  • Recycle Bin
    • Setting It Up
    • To Put An Item In It
    • To See Its Contents
    • How To Recover
    • How To Empty
  • Starting Documents From Start Menu
  • Clearing Out the Documents Menu
  • Customizing the Start Menu
  • Exiting/Logging Off

Course Prerequisite
Must have Windows - Basics or equivalent experience
(4 CPE Credits)

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