Course Outline
Office 2016/365 Changes

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Program Objectives: Students will learn the differences between earlier versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and the new Office 2016 or Office 365 version at the Basics level.

  • Consistent Changes in All Three Programs
  • Ribbon Bar/"Phantom" Ribbon Bars
  • Dialog Launcher to Activate a Dialog Box
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • File Tab Contents Explained
  • Font Section of Home Ribbon Bar
  • Help Feature
  • "Piggyback" Clipboard
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Save As File Extensions
  • Downloading the Microsoft File Converter
  • Saving a File in Office 2007/2010 Format
  • Maintaining Compatibility with Earlier Versions
  • Problems When Closing a File
  • Undo/Redo Functions
  • Zoom Control
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for All Three Programs
  • Word Differences
    • Activating the Ruler Bar
    • Font Enhancements
    • Status Bar/View Modes
    • File New Dialog Box Differences
    • Activating the Typeover Mode
    • Enhancing the File Appearance
    • Changing Default Settings
    • Changing Word Case
    • Spelling and Grammar Checker
    • Margins/Tabs/Graphics


  • Excel Differences
    • Resizing the Formula Bar
    • Status Bar Differences
    • Aligning Cell Entries
    • Undo Feature Differences
    • New Workbook Dialog Box Differences
    • Creating/Displaying Formulas
    • Changing Text Orientation
    • Changing Number Format Quickly
    • Page Setup Dialog Box Differences
    • Clearing the Contents of a Cell
  • PowerPoint Differences
    • Screen Differences
    • Printing Option Differences
    • Changes in the Status Bar
    • Reading View and Fit Slide to Content
    • New Presentation Dialog Box
    • Changing Slide Layout Differences
    • Sample Templates
    • Design Themes
    • Moving Text Boxes on the Slide
    • Changing Text Appearance
    • Font Dialog Box Differences
    • Creating Additional Slides
    • Text Placement Within a Box
    • Line Spacing Dialog Box Differences
    • Creating a Chart Differences
    • Running the Slide Show Manually

Course Prerequisite
Windows proficiency and earlier versions of Excel, Word & PowerPoint
at a Basic Level

(4 CPE Credits)

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