Course Outline
Outlook - Basics
Versions 97/2000/2002(XP)/2003/2007/2010

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East Petersburg, PA 17520-0225


Program Objectives: Students will learn how to use Outlook for communicating via e-mail, for managing contacts, and for managing their calendars.

  • Introduction to Outlook
  • Setting Up Certain Features One Time
  • Gaining Access to Outlook
  • The Outlook Screen
  • Screen Components
  • Customizing the Menu
  • Additional Screen Components
  • Adding a Toolbar
  • Reading Pane - Pros and Cons
  • Help Feature
  • Understanding the Navigation Pane
  • Outlook Today Screen
  • Customizing Outlook Today
  • Understanding the Inbox Screen
  • Inbox Icons
  • Sorting the Messages
  • Resizing the Columns
  • Outlook Database
  • Typing and Sending a Message
  • Copying and Pasting into a Message
  • Customizing the Message Toolbars
  • Prioritizing and Flagging Messages
  • Auto Signature Feature
  • Setting Up Return Receipt Option
  • Sending the Message
  • Setting Up Spell Check Option
  • Creating and Using the Personal Distribution List
  • Attaching Files to the Message
  • Reading/Printing a Message
  • Replying to/Forwarding a Message
  • Opening an Attachment from an E-Mail
  • Disabling the Reading Layout View
  • Viewing the Folder List
  • Creating and Renaming a Folder
  • Displaying the Contents of a Folder
  • Deleting a Folder or Message
  • Other Outlook Features
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Entering Events into the Calendar
  • Reminder Feature
  • Editing an Appointment
  • Scheduling a Private Appointment
  • Changing the Appointment Length
  • Copying/Moving an Appointment
  • Adding a Recurring Appointment
  • Deleting an Appointment
  • Weekly/Monthly Calendar
  • Changing Views
  • Printing the Calendar
  • Changing Calendar Default Options
  • Adding Holidays to the Calendar
  • Task List
  • Notes Feature
  • Contact List
  • Distribution List
  • Using the Meeting Wizard
  • Responding to the Meeting Wizard
  • Exiting From Outlook

Course Outline - Outlook Intermediate

Course Prerequisite

Must have Windows and mouse proficiency
(4 CPE Credits)

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