Course Outline
Visio Accident and Crime - Basics
Versions 5.0/2000/2002/2003

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Program Objectives: The Law Enforcement Community will learn basic techniques for creating Accident and Crime Scenes for State Reporting.

  • Introduction and Five Minute Lesson
  • Adding Additional Stencils
  • Steps To Create A Drawing
  • Drawing An Accident Scene
  • Using The Save As Feature
  • Adding and Removing Backgrounds
  • Nudging An Object
  • Deleting An Object
  • Undo Feature
  • Saving A File
  • Setting Up The File Properties
  • Saving A Preview Of A File
  • Parts Of The Visio Screen
  • Fixing The Short Menus
  • Adding More Toolbars
  • Setting An Exact Shape
  • Typing Text On An Object
  • Changing Font Size, Color, and Orientation (Rotating Text)
  • Bold, Underline, and Italicizing Text
  • Customizing The Toolbar
  • Text Dialog Box
  • Changing Traffic Light Color
  • Previewing  and Printing The File
  • Changing Page Orientation
  • Setting A Scale
  • Creating A Header and Footer
  • Switching The Stencil Sides
  • Changing Object Orientation
  • Changing Shape Order
  • Rotating An Object
  • The Pointer Tool
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • Duplicating Objects
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Aligning Shapes
  • Distributing Shapes
  • Creating A Text Box
  • Changing Line Thickness In A Box
  • Changing Line and Fill Color
  • Changing The Curve In A Box
  • Adding A Drop Shadow To A Box
  • Changing Text Alignment
  • Adding A Dimension Line
  • Creating A Template
  • Using The Template
  • Zoom Control
  • Viewing A Full Screen Drawing
  • Drawing A Crime Scene
  • Crime Stencil Quick Reference
  • Rotating Footprints and Bloodstains
  • Filling In The Title Block
  • Understanding The Reference Point
  • Quick Lesson in Graphics
  • Switching Between Documents
  • Understanding Connection Points
  • Deleting Connections
  • Using The Spell Check Feature
  • Adding and Deleting Pages
  • Go To A Page
  • Centering The Drawing
  • Exiting From Visio

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Course Prerequisite
Windows and mouse comfortable
(4 CPE Credits)

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