Course Outline
Word Perfect - Intermediate Part II
Versions 6.1/7.0/8.0/9.0/10/11

P.O. Box 225                 
5375 Main Street
East Petersburg, PA 17520-0225


Program Objectives: Students will learn more intermediate skills including: Styles, Quick Correct, Find & Replace, and Mail Merge using Word Perfect.

  • Five Minute Lesson in Word Perfect
  • Moving Around the Word Perfect Screen
  • Selecting Text to Change
  • Automatic Insertion of File Name
  • Quick Format Feature
  • Text in a Box
  • Find Feature
  • Find and Replace Feature
  • Creating Styles
  • Applying Styles
  • Changing Styles
  • Using Styles on New Documents
  • Abbreviations/Quick Words
  • Quick Correct Feature
  • Quick Menus
  • Printing Selected Text
  • Opening Multiple Word Perfect Files
  • Using Quick Mark Feature
  • More Reveal Code Tricks
  • Comments Box
  • Mail Merge
    • Preparing Your Data File
    • Using Field Names - Not Numbers
    • Preparing Your Form File
    • Merging Form File and Data File
    • Keyboard Messages
    • Performing the Keyboard Merge
    • Creating Envelopes from Data Files
    • Creating Labels from Data Files
    • Merging Data File onto Labels
    • Fixing up Labels and Envelopes

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Course Prerequisite
Must have Word Perfect - Basics or equivalent experience
(4 CPE Credits)

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