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Effective January 1, 2012 PC Easy sold our training facility (not for lack of business, but because of collapsing Commercial Real Estate values and our nearing retirement age.)  We retooled our business model to provide the same top quality training, documentation, and post class telephone support at the Customer's site instead.

The Customer Provides:

Training facility (Home/Office), the PC's, the installed software, and the students.

PC Easy Provides:

Instructor, complete documentation (step by step instructions and screen captures of what the student should be seeing), and post class telephone support to help the student through any questions or problems they might experience with any of the classroom material.  We may be able to supply a few laptops if needed (additional charge).

Give us a call to schedule the classes you need! 






One Student - $85.00 per hour One-On-One training.  Our Courseware is designed to fill four hours in a classroom setting with multiple students.  One-On-One provides flexibility as we can skip over items already understood, spend more time on critical tasks, and the student can pick and choose the topics they want to learn.  A typical One-On-One training session can usually be completed in between 2.5 and 3.5 hours depending on how easily the student grasps the subject matter.

Two Students - $150.00 per student for four hour training session (for most classes).

Three or More Students up to Fifteen students - $135.00 per student for most classes (Access and QuickBooks are $150.00 per student).

Give us a call to schedule the classes you need! 



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Telephone: (717) 560-3552

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PC Easy South Central Pennsylvania provides Instructor-led Computer Training and Consulting Services to immediately improve student or client productivity, performance, and comfort using Personal Computer software such as Microsoft Office, Access, ACT!, Excel, InDesign, Outlook, Power Point, Project, Publisher, QuickBooks, Visio, Word, Word Perfect and many other software programs to help you improve your computer skills.